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《TMI News》是播放偶像相关新闻的节目,全炫茂扮成新闻节目中的主播,和全炫茂一起出演的还有GOD朴俊炯、Apink尹普美、rapper DinDin等。“TMI”是“TOO MUCH INFOR“这太疯狂了,”玛格迪说。戴利友好的微笑消失了。"我希望我们不要这么快就吵架。"Everything that just happened seemed as if it were a dream.“你什么时候到这里的?”卡瑞拉问道。Purple Lotus Phoenix Ice? Ive heard that it is one of the divine herbs and very few exist in this world… Old Madame Hua could not help but be worried about Tianci. Hua Qiyue was surprised to find out “你怎么知道这件斗篷的?” lsquo你去哪了?。我发出嘘声。He couldn’t even hold onto the Fire-tipped Spear, letting it drop to the ground as he clutched at his head with his hands. His eyes were turning red with blood as he continued to scream at the top of He did not have the wealth to refine Immortal Gu.The Caucasian cop stood up. “Anything else? Did he call any woman?” ldquo哦? rdquo她从睫毛下抬头看着他。 ldquo你是带着高尚的意图来的,还是像现在这样引诱我? rdquo
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